Pompey in the Community (English)

And finally came the day of action.

So on Tuesday morning I went to the offices of Pompey in the Community to meet with Matt York, one of the coaches I’m going to work with these days. Immediately after my arrival I was welcomed with a smile and he began to explain the project as well as to show me the office facilities.

pompey-itc-logoPompey in the Community is a social project totally linked to Portsmouth FC and it is possible because, it is amazing the affiliation that all the inhabitants of the city have with their club and what this means for them.

In this project, series of monitors work designing different programs of social intervention so like in integration, health and sport or education; bearing in mind, of course, that football is the engine of the project. Thus, I was going to take part in the sport sessions. For the moment, observing and participating in their correct operation on foot of field, as I like.


The sessions consist of activities programmed at strategic points in the city, which has numerous and great facilities such as parks or sport centers, where a series of monitors come: the designer of this specific intervention program and more monitors (depending on the number of population expected to be covered). And each of these are designed for different sectors of society (people from Portsmouth who want to go to them, since no certificate of federation or financial contribution is required) as children between 8 and 10 years, between 10 and 13 , 13 to 19 year olds, adults, the elderly, including disabled people (who have specialized sessions), also divided by the same age groups.


Summing up, after two days of work I have been able to meet several monitors, as well as the coordinating engine (formed by 4 of them) and participate in several sessions that will be my day to day here. So, in each day of work I will  go through several facilities, with different monitors and social groups, to carry out sessions of different sports.

At the moment I have been able to take part in 4 different projects:

  • RuLoreto3.jpggby for the Community: consists of a training program of the technical and tactical gestures of rugby.  in which we work  in groups of all ages regardless of the possible disability of the participants. It takes place in one of the city parks, Eastney Community Center.
  • Football for the Community: it is a project, as its name announces, of football. As in this city there are so many people who love this sport, it  is divided into several age groups. This is how I have been able to work with children and young people in their match sessions. I was surprised with the match of football 11 that they organized against the Police. Actually, the project, indirectly, also seeks to remove the negative view that young people have against the police force, by socializing through football. The same social purpose of the session of the youngest children, although in this centered in the integration of the same ones. It takes place in various facilities of the city.


  • Holidays Football Camp: During the mornings this week I am also working on a football camp where we train kids between 6 and 13 years old, since here, in England, Easter lasts two weeks of school holidays, which makes possible its development.

You can watch the videos if you make click in the red words



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