Full time! (English)

With the end of Easter holidays, here in England it also ended the campus where I had been working this week.


Along Friday morning we made various tournaments to award at the end of the day trophies to the best teams and players. I had to organize the tournament of the older, and YES, to organize! I finally got into action in the front row of the field. Since I had already been working with them other days it was quite easy… Actually, they wanted to play more than complain.

20170420_141638Here on campus they organize a tournament format called Fantasy League, dividing the kids into four teams, each team commanded by a captain. Therefore, they make a table with the six possible encounters where they will be pointing the results; Adding 3 points to the victory, 2 to the tie and 1 to the defeat. Besides, the coach, who also serves as referee, counts the goals, assists and blocks or stops that each player makes. Giving 1,000,000 pounds to each player when they got each one of that technical actions. So at the end of the tournament, you be able to know who the best player is, a multi-million dollar superstar.


Every time that the 6 meetings are completed, there is a transfer market, in which each team can make the transfers they like (as long as they have the money).

18010640_1253044358148446_3496179930138323020_nIn this way, a simple 4 teams tournament becomes the Champions League, with the same competitiveness and intensity. It is a lot of work for the coach but it is worth it, since it demands the players to get their maximum football performance, both individually and collectively, if they want to succeed.

As it was expected, the tournament of the oldest would end up with an exciting final between the greens, team of the best players, and oranges, the best team together.

Although, another surprise was jet to come… when we were finishing the tournament the players of the first male team of Portsmouth FC invaded the field where we were training to join the tournament. What a mess! The kids were so excited and the field got full of parents taking photos…


It was a great moment for me! It showed me again that this club is a really big family: from the youngest of the kids to the better player of the first team. It is actually a big privilege feeling that I am part of this project.


 You can see the videos if you make ckick in the pictures



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